Most Famous Entrepreneur of All Time – Mr. Harold Soto

Harold Soto

Harold Soto have plenty of knowledge in his field. In fact, he is the masters of his respective field and people seek guidance from him. Mr Harold Soto have a steady, quiet confidence that doesn’t border on arrogance or egotism. Risk is one of the main characteristics that are important for entrepreneurs to be good businessmen. And Mr. Harold Soto loves to take it. Mr. Harold Soto follow the ethical standard of business to earn legitimate profit and stay long in the market.




Outstanding Qualities of Mr. Harold Soto

Harold SotoHarold Soto has an entrepreneurial spirit and in order to advance his business and to improve his company revenues he didn’t afraid of taking risks. He conducts himself in a respectable manner and always acts fairly and responsibly. Colleagues, Superiors and Subordinates of Harold Soto respect him and enjoy working with him.He is capable of grasping the problems accurately and quickly.



Harold Soto – President and CEO of Several International Businesses

As the son of a military family steeped in the military traditions of the Dominican Republic, Harold Soto was raised with a firm moral compass and has been influenced by the attitudes towards leadership and honor that many military families hold close and dear to their hearts. He’s a family man as well as a businessman and loves to spend time exploring Miami with his family.